Thursday, May 7, 2009

The First One Bites the Dust

This cup (10 oz, by Munchkin) has proven to be one of our very favorite cups over the last year or so. Criteria for being in the favorite category include:
- Difficult to spill. About two months ago Elijah discovered he could hold the cup upside, bang the straw against his leg, and cause the cup to leak. We went a long time before this discovery was made (almost a year?) and, fortunately, this technique is easy to see and stop as it involves much flailing of the arms and shrieks of delight.
- Able to be used. Some cups were too difficult for Elijah to drink from when we started using a cup. After trying them ourselves, we found some cups required extraordinary sucking strength.

The perfect cup won't spill but also won't require superpower sucking abilities. This cup was it.
Sadly, all the banging-against-the-leg has created a crack in the straw. This is our first cup to toss after being broken by Elijah. I'm sure it is only the first of many to be ruined.

While I'm at it, this Gerber 7 oz cup is our other favorite. Two handles make for easy gripping and some kind of inside valve prevents leaks.
Soon my big boy won't require baby cups...


Anonymous said...

AMAZING that Elijah has just destroyed his first cup!!! I am pretty sure Matthew had chewed the straw of a cup like the first cup pictured and put a big tear in a cup like the second one pictured with in a week or two of getting them!!! What a blessing to have a son who chooses to us a cup correctly and not destroy them!! :)Charlotte

Thomas, Christina, and Cole said...

thanks for posting. I love it when someone tells what the best things are instead of the rest of us buying one of everything to figure it out :)

Thomas, Christina, and Cole said...

thanks! now the rest of us won't have to buy one of everything to figure it out. Let us know what other things are the best :)