Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Na Nelle!

Lydia: "Elijah, do you know who I love?"
Elijah: "Hiney." (translation: Haven)
Lydia: "Mmm. Hmm. Who else do I love?"
Elijah: "Lijah!"
Lydia: "Yep! Who else do I love?"
Elijah: "Daddddeeeee!"
Lydia: "Elijah, who do you love?"
Elijah: "Dadddeeee!"
Lydia: "Who else do you love?"
Elijah: "Na Nelle!"

Here are some pictures or our recent visit with Jenelle. She is, as evidenced by Elijah's above confession, a rock star!

The above conversation took place this morning, eight days after our visit.


The Gundy Bunch said...

aww! that makes me smile so much! and haven is growing so much! how beautiful!!! love y'all!

Rebecca Nugent said...

Oh, no! He calls her "Hiney?" How is she ever going to live that one down when she gets older? Haha!