Monday, June 29, 2009

Library Days

We saw our first marionette puppet show, Hansel & Gretel, at the library earlier this month. After almost hitting my friend in the parking garage (sorry Shannon!), we met up with Abiel, Nadine, Lily, and their Mommas. The highlight of the show was the yellow smoke ("poke!!!") which came from the oven after Gretel bravely pushed the witch inside. But the big hit of the day was the wonderful fountain outside. Many instructions had to be given - No! Do NOT drink the water.....Put your leg down. You cannot climb in the fountain - but the kids had a great time. Elijah and Abiel learned to yell so their voices would echo in a side courtyard. Lily had more practice for when she becomes a big sister in just a few months!

Sweet boys.

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The Stansells said...

Lily's face does not show how happy she was to hold Haven:)