Thursday, July 2, 2009


Lydia: "Oooh, Elijah, it's the mailman!"
Elijah: "Oooh, presents!"
L: "Let's see what he brought!"
E: "Uuuh, huh!!!" [runs to door]
L: [drags huge box indoors]
E: "O-pen ittt! O-pen ittt!"
L: "Elijah, do you want to open it?"
E: "Uh, huh!!!"
L: "OK, let me cut it with the scissors and YOU can open it."
E: [waiting excitedly at the box, which is almost as tall as he is]
L: [leaves the room]
E: [comes over to Momma, looking slightly dejected]
L: "What happened? Did you open the package?"
E: "Esss." [sadly]
L: "Well? What was in it?"
E: "Trash." [said in a very disappointed tone]

What was it really? Why, a whole bunch of great clothes from my friend Annie! They just happened to be in trash bags for mailing purposes.

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The Gundy Bunch said...

LOL! I am absolutely CRACKING up at this! Poor Elijah!!! I'm gonna have to send him something besides trash next time! :) I hope some of them work for ya!!