Thursday, July 30, 2009

Staycation Day Two

Woohoo! We're off to Bicentennial Mall. Here are the happy boys! Elijah was "up high Daddy. Up high!"

The little sleeping girl enjoyed her stroller.
More water fun!

Elijah and I climbed on the pillars, during which I really felt my stomach muscles - eek!
She's awake, my happy Haven!
Elijah and Daddy showed me their secret place at the park.
Elijah and Momma were very excited about our first visit to the Cupcake Collection. Oh my! These are some delicious cupcakes. They are better and much more reasonable than the other cupcake gigs in town. Yum! Yum! (Ooops. No coupon here.)
The out of the ordinary sugar rush got to Daddy, so he joined Haven for an afternoon nap.
Fun days!


Grammie said...

How fun! Aren't 'Staycations' great! I love the pictures of our cute grandchildren!! Haven sleeping with Daddy is precious!

Anonymous said...

Nice hats, boys.