Thursday, August 6, 2009

Staycation Day Three

We started the morning at Mason's Efficiency Restaurant. There is no website for this restaurant; we were glad we had cash. It was super fun to go there. It is an old, old restaurant and motel (that's right, motel) and has some super, super inexpensive food. There were all these local people eating there. An old lady runs the cash register and serves as a waitress. She offered to hold my baby while I ate AND I LET HER. That's the kind of restaurant it was. Awesome. And, I'm pretty sure our total was well under $10.
Next we headed to Two Rivers Park so Elijah could play on the fabulous wooden playground there. We headed over the pedestrian bridge to utilize the greenway along the Cumberland River. This is a great trail for stroller use, even the spur trails are fairly stroller-friendly (although they aren't paved). I had to include this picture of Elijah because he looks like this a lot. He did have a good time, I promise! Haven loved being able to see. I believe this was the first time we let her sit in the back seat. She likes it much better than the prone position.
Crossing the river is always a fun time. "Boat Momma! Boat!"Happy staycationing family:
We stopped by Papa Murphy's to pick up a Take 'N Bake pizza. It was really good, but didn't work so well for leftovers. I was able to use a great coupon from our Citipass book~:-)...which I won, have I mentioned that?

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Grammie said...

You are a brave one to let a total stranger hold Haven, but being from the south everybody seems like family!! It's hard enough for me to share her on Sunday's at church to people I know! Precious 'little ones' indeed!!!