Monday, August 17, 2009


Gardening has been so fun this year because we have actually grown a handsome bit of food. Here I am with one of our homegrown zucchini. Yum! Haven loves to come with me, as long as she is in the Ergo. Have I told you all how much I have enjoyed the Ergo? Oh my! It is FABULOUS!!! It makes the Baby Bjorn seem like trailer trash. {I say that in a non-condescending way, as we do not own a dwelling of any type.}
*Lydia's Gardening Tip: For maximum flavor, pick zucchini when they are about 4-6 inches long. If, however, no one told you this, they are still edible and delicious at a much, much bigger size.
And, who can resist a picture of this tiny hiney on her way to the bathtub?


The Gundy Bunch said...

awww!!! too cute!!! i want to know more about this ERGO thing- for when we get pregnant in the spring... hopefully!!! :)

lydia said...

Oh, Annie - get one!!! I'll bring it to our weekend away so you can try it out.