Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mombo Comes to Visit!

We were so happy to have Mombo here for a few days. Elijah had lots of plans for her visit including Peek-a-Zoo! and, of course, Rosie's Walk, among many other books. Haven was also allowed in on the action. We had lunch with our friends Sandra & Walter at Merridee's, and then walked around downtown Franklin. Mom got to hear all about the perks of our new stroller, push it herself, and even tell others why it is so amazing.
Haven received some much-needed attention.

Mombo brought cute new outfits for the children.
Sweet girl.
Lots of storytime happened and happens in our house. We love books!
To help Mom's heel spurs we took her on a five mile hike. She had assured us it would be fine, but we all realized later that we bit off a bit more than we could chew. Like all good hikes, we finished the whole thing...with both kids in the stroller, Haven laying down in the stroller, Elijah walking, Elijah on Daddy's back, Elijah on Momma's back, and Haven in the Ergo. Back problems, you ask? Why, no. I have an Ergo.

Oh, and we found innumerable blackberries on the trail. They made for a fabulous snack. In much need of nutrition, we used two(!) coupons and let Mom treat us to delicious Copper Kettle food. Mom and I partook of the best okra in the state.
Come again, dear Mother, we'll only force you to the creek and back next time~:-)


The Stansells said...

Have you been to the Copper Kettle downtown? I haven't been back to Granny White since!! Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville and kids eat free on Sunday:)

lydia said...

Oooh, I like that kids eat free part. No, we haven't been to the downtown location. I did just pass it the other day. Is the environment much different? And is the okra the same?

Jgmckinley said...

Mom said: Have you seen Lydia's blog lately?
Ab said: No, why?
Mom said: It has pictures of your mother on it.