Sunday, August 16, 2009

Staycation: The End

Our photo shoot with Haven could have gone a little better, but we do the best we have with our lowly point-and-shoot~;-)Good thing she is so cute!Look at this little bottom, perhaps my favorite thing about a baby! *Outfit courtesy of Connie or Aunt Abigail.We took Daddy to meet Clyde, our local pony, for the first time.
Elijah went with apple treats for Clyde. Unfortunately, we neglected to educate Elijah on proper feeding techniques for animals, namely, that one must LET GO of the apple when Clyde's mouth gets close. Alas, Elijah was bitten by huge pony teeth.
Nevertheless, Elijah and Clyde remain friends.
We finished off our staycation by eating at Woody's Steakhouse. [Coupon again.] (Note: this was >24 hours after starting our antibiotics; we were supposedly out of the contagious zone.) I ambitiously ordered a whole rack of ribs. I think I ate one before getting a to-go box~:-) Mmmm, leftovers.
It was a very happy vacation. We got to do lots of things around Nashville, but the most fun thing was just having Eric home with us.

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