Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to the Grind

Elijah is slightly obsessed with lining things up/moving things to new locations/hiding things around the house. We like to say he's "working." Well, work he does. All. Day. Which is one reason we have little piles of miscellaneous things throughout the house. I took a picture of these because it looked like Elijah was trying to build a semi-circle (which he has done!).
Since Daddy was back at work and inspired by Panda Cake, we cooked.
Then I put mousse in Elijah's hair. Doesn't he look so big here?
Haven, snug in her pajamas and waiting patiently for someone to interact with her~:-)
Happy Days!

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Anonymous said...

Haven is the sweetest little girl. I just love her!!! -aunt ab