Thursday, March 4, 2010

Questions Answered

After lunch:
Elijah: "I'll be here playing with Baby Have!"
Me: "OK. Thank you Elijah. That's a good plan. I'll be in here sweeping."
E: {running into the kitchen} "Thank you Momma! That is a really big help!!"

I mean, I'll take all the encouragement I can get~:-)

In other news, we're having a baby! And a housewarming party! You're all invited!

To answer some commonly asked questions:

- Baby #3, Little Peanut, is due September 24th, 2010.

- {To keep you from having to do the math, because I know your brow is furrowed right now} Haven will be just a few days shy of 18 months old, if Baby #3 arrives on time.

- Things that make me nauseous these days include breath/bodies which ooze the smell of garlic, watching Haven eat (only some days), oily hair, oily anything, food, and intense wall heaters. That said, I am not complaining about my nausea this time around, because IT IS SO MUCH BETTER than when I was pregnant with Haven and couldn't even open the refrigerator. Now I open it just long enough to grab a frozen pizza and pop it in the oven~:-) (What?)

- Our house is unpacked, but pictures are not hung. So, when you ask "How is the house coming?" and I have no coherent answer for you, it's because I have no idea what you mean by this question. Right now I'm just happy to have a working septic tank and a bucket under my leaky sink~;-)

- Getting your septic tank worked on is quite pricey. Also, it is not covered by your one-year Homeowner's Warranty - just in case you still believe that covers anything.

- Someday, I'll blog more. I'll also cook again.

Drop in and see our new house, our growing children, my growing belly, and our leaky sink. I'll be happy to see you!!!


Jessie Rae said...

Little peanut! That is SO cute!

Laura said...

Happy to see you back...even if it's only for awhile :0)

We can't wait to warm your house tomorrow night, but we'll return that wall heater :0)

Dorothy said...

laughed whilst reading this! especially the "(What?)" part. also- congrats! (& i feel you on the septic tank woes :)

Anonymous said...

I will hang your pictures but "Eyez don't knowz nuthin aboutz"(GWTW lingo)fixing leaky sinks.


SQLSvrMan said...

Congrats on #3!!

I like "little peanut"!!

Anonymous said...

You say five but I noticed that Eric and Haven are saying TEN. Hold on to your hats, folks.