Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

E: Quick! Quick Haven! The bad guys coming! Quick! Get in the catacombs!

H: {staring at Elijah through her little rocking chair, not moving}

E: Haven, these are the catacombs.

~ Thanks to Grampa's endless reading of The Storykeepers.
And, yesterday:

E: {Goes into room. Closes door. Silence.}

L: What is he doing?

E: Momma! Daddy! I can't get out! I go pee-pee in my pants!

L: {searching for pee-pee, rag in hand} Where did you go potty Elijah?

E: In the catacombs, Momma.

Silly Momma. Where else would he go potty????


Mags said...

I nearly pee-peed in my pants when I read this! He cracks me up- silly mama where else would you go pee-pee? Catacombs of course!

litabug said...

Hahahaha!!!!! That is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!!
i meant to tell you- i heard him saying "the bad guys are coming!" on sunday! it was so cute!! :D