Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jesse James Festival

Our tiny little town holds a tiny little festival, the Jesse James Festival. We were excited to go this year, and invited Eric's family to come. The Dodds spent the night which, although probably not as fun as spend-the-nights at their house (due in part to my lack of Little Debbie's), was great fun! Grammie and Grampa joined us the next morning. Elijah was THRILLED to have two friends join him in the never-boring game of run-around-the-porch-pushing-something.Grammie and Aunt Laura seemed to really enjoy the game as well, although I suspect they were laughing at each other~:-)We walked down the street to the festival, got a flat (stroller) tire on the way, and enjoyed the festivities. Haven was happy to watch from Grampa's lap. Our cowboy friend, Ross, was there. Elijah already thought Ross was super cool, but this pretty much cemented his place in Elijah's Big Boy Hall of Fame. After this show, everything was a gun. Luke was really stylin' on this sunny day.Family pic as we enjoyed the live band. I could have listened to them longer. This man made up his own bass instrument with an old washtub, a big stick, and a piece of twine. What?!?! We got hamburgers and pizza at Earthman's General Store, located in the 1874 home where a member of the James Gang was captured. I think this day did the owner (Cookie?) in, because Earthman's has now closed. It is really a shame, because she made such a good hamburger! Really, it was so good. Haven fell asleep in a super awkward position. I suppose she couldn't get over this guy's hair. {Side note: Speaking of hair, check out Elijah's Walmart-special haircut. Oh my. I'm hoping not to repeat that ordeal. Right at the end of the haircut, she gave. him. bangs. That's right, just what every boy needs.} To finish off the day, Elijah went home, got comfortable and "play my guitar, Momma." "On my horse, Momma. I play my guitar."We'll miss you, Earthman's General! Oh, they even had a little quilt shop inside!

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Laura said...

I can't believe they closed that store, & I can't believe how much Haven & Luke have changed!