Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mood Swings

Our friends Krista and Gracie came to play; we were trying to woo them into moving here! Krista made a fast friend by reading to Elijah. Thankfully, Elijah saved this little gem for after their visit. Imagine you are looking at a flip book...My dear little boy can be quite a challenge especially with these episodes. I find myself wanting to say, "It doesn't even make sense that you are crying!!!!" or some similarly unhelpful phrase. I try to remember how, regardless of your age, we tend to think that what is going on in our lives is of ultimate importance. How do you teach your child that it isn't? How do *I* learn to see the big picture? {And, since we are talking about issues, how do I get this kid to stop whining????}
Despite the fits, I am thanking God that Elijah has improved by leaps and bounds in being kind to his sister. Haven, perhaps more than the rest of us~;-), is rejoicing.


Grammie said...

Once I heard someone say, "Just think, It won't always be like this!"

lydia said...

That must have been a very wise person Grammie~;-)