Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tasting Solids

Haven is really not a fan of these solid foods. Dr. Pinkley says that babies who don't start solids until after six months (which is what the AAP recommends - see slide 12) often take a little longer to appreciate their added fare. Elijah always acted ravenous; Haven seems to not care at all about food. I was concerned until I looked at her thighs. She clearly has no problem eating wildlife. Elijah likes to buckle his own overall straps. "Do it myself, Momma!" Elijah was excited to use "blue! Do blue Daddy?" this night before brushing his teeth. It is supposed to turn your mouth blue wherever there is plaque. It kind of turns everything it touches blue - the sink, the outside of your cheek, the toothbrush. We basically just use it as a treat now...a treat Elijah can do with Daddy~;-o

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The Goodman Family said...

haven is such a little girl with her hair bows and dresses.