Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trying Again

I suppose this first picture just about sums up Haven's attitude toward the new foods. These first few days she would try to raise her hands to block the food. I had to hold her little hands down to prevent disaster. Very soon, she began to just hold her hands up in the air as if being arrested. It made me laugh.I was wondering one day why Haven required so much less discipline at this age than Elijah had. Besides their personalities being entirely different - ~:-) - I believe it is because Haven just prefers to have her hands up in the air while eating...whereas, Elijah, well, he was a grabber.I suppose I'm laughing here, but I could well have been about to cry. Starting solids is not my favorite part of motherhood, and now I have a child who doesn't even want them!


Katie J said...

I hear you girl! Eli is not too crazy about solids either, which is completely opposite of Caleb. Caleb would eat, eat, eat and eat. He never stopped himself. Eli on the other hand has 2-4 bites and he's done. I waited until Eli was 6 months to start him on anything whereas I started Caleb at 4 months (because he just seemed so hungry). I regret starting Caleb that early, esp. in light of him having food allergies, but it's too late to go back now. It is amazing how different children are and I also find it amazing that I am a different parent this time around too- better I think. I'm so much more relaxed and at ease this time around. Makes me wonder which influences the other more (different child or different parent).

Laura said...

You may have seen him do this, but Luke likes to hold his ears now while eating :0)