Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Taste of California in South Carolina

What fun cousins are! Bella showed off her (then) new skill of crawling during our trip. She was all over the place and amazed me by entertaining herself for extended periods of time. We were all in South Carolina to see Uncle John and Aunt Heather. It is a rare treat to see them, especially now that they live on the other side of the country. Uncle John gave Elijah some lessons in catching. Elijah had a little trouble keeping his "eye on the ball" and using hand-eye coordination. If, however, you threw the ball directly into his outstretched arms, he would catch it and we would all applaud ~:-)
Aunt Heather played with the babies.
Bella read to Elijah. Aunt Heather even let Elijah roll for her in Yahtzee! Elijah loved it.Aunt Abigail also played catch with Elijah. Sweet Haven loved being in PawPaw's arms. She even took a nap there! A little strawberry outfit from Bella: She is SO HAPPY when she sees Haven in her hand-me-downs! Abigail and MawMaw set up their own movie theater in the study so they could watch some Shirley Temple. Aren't they cute? Both babies often ended up in Heather's care. (Does anyone notice how Bella is putting Haven in a headlock?) Aunt Heather didn't seem to mind the added responsibility; these two are a lot less stressful than her California job!
Bella likes to hang upside down and flip off furniture...just in case you ever hold her.
The Greats:
Four generations:
Cousins: Uncle John was a thrill a minute on the new golf cart.Notice Abigail hanging on for dear life, Bella enjoying her first ride in the Ergo, and Elijah driving in his pajamas.Beautiful Sister:John and Heather, we are so glad you guys came to visit!

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