Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plugged...or...Why Eric Wins the "Best Husband" Award

With a few details left out, yesterday went a little like this.

Lydia: wakes up, wonders what happened last night and how many times she fed the baby, unable to raise arm, gets children breakfast, sits around praying God will give wisdom on what to do, has hard time moving, wonders what her problem is, begins to have a full body ache, confirms suspected plugged duct diagnosis, watches kids ransack the living room, watches kids jump on the couch, doesn't care, gets kids lunch, feels nauseous, puts kids down for a nap, starts witch doctor regimen*, lays down with Polly Jane, listens to Polly Jane cry, gets headache, finds it hard to move, gets Haven up early from her nap after Haven uncharacteristically wakes up crying, unsuccessfully attempts to resume nap with Haven, snaps at children, watches an hour of Disney cartoons (Elijah is thrilled), wishes husband would come home, attempts to discipline Haven, wishes husband would come home, snaps at children, feeds children dinner without vomiting, sits on couch holding a crying Polly Jane, says "I can't move. All the kids need a bath." as soon as husband walks in the door, lays in bed crying and sweating for the next three hours, wishes she could care for either her home/husband/or children, awakens to the delivery of cabbage leaves at 10 pm.

Eric: up at 4:30 AM to exercise, slaves away at work all day amidst many demands, arrives home to disaster-strewn house and distraught wife, eats dinner in four minutes, puts cats up for the night, bathes all three kids, brushes children's teeth, reads fun books to Elijah and Haven, tucks children in bed, loads dishes, picks up strewn toys, replaces couch cushions, cleans the entire house, vacuums all the floors, starts washing the cloth diapers, prays for me, runs to the grocery store, delivers cabbage leaves at 10 pm.

While these are sweet, sweet days they are also very hard days. Thankfully, these difficulties continue to drive me to the One who can provide grace to help in my time of need. Yesterday I repeatedly pleaded with God to "Give the strength to sustain me and wisdom enough to guide my hand" in between apologizing to my children. God is gracious, and today I am feeling much, much better. As in, I can move. I can eat. I even ran an errand! Isn't it amazing what 24 hours can hold? Today I read this post from my favorite blogger, cried, and was encouraged. So, today, I'll continue to seek to be thankful - for everything.

*Witch Doctor Regimen (highly recommended!) for Plugged Ducts:
- 1000 mg Vitamin C
- 2 tablets of Echinacea
- 2 capsules of odorless garlic
Take all three supplements twice a day until resolved. This has always cleared up my plugged ducts within 24 hours. Regimen courtesy of Susie Meeks, CPM.


The Stansells said...

The Witch Doctor medicine works:) I remember how TERRIBLE a plugged duct is...please call me next time! I will be happy to help out {come get a child or bring some cabbage!!}.


Maggie said...

Lydia, you are amazing:) Your husband is amazing:) What a beautiful example of how a marriage is supposed to work! Hang in there, I am encouraged by your positive attitude! Can't wait to see ya'll this summer and gobble up all your little ones:) Give Elijah a kiss from me.

Amy said...

oh, Lydia! praise God for amazing husbands and for answered prayers. glad you're feeling better. whew. and that "witch doctor regimen" doesn't sound very witch-doctor-y at all to me :)

now I really do feel like I'm not going to see you for a long time and I miss you already! :(

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that Momma was not there to help that day. Eric is indeed AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

We will be speaking to Eric shortly about this alleged incident. If in the future your husband does something similar, we believe it would be his best interests of everyone if you keep that information to yourself.

Thank you.
Husbands Union #407
Vice-President in Charge of Modulating Expectations