Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recent Verbage

Bella, crying: "I need a bow!"

Elijah: "Miles, why are you still crying? I just sang you a song."

Elijah: "If I saw a big, big spider, I could just kill him with my big, big muscles."

Lydia: "Oh, Elijah! Did you just hit Polly Jane's head?"
Elijah: {pause. looks confused.} "Oh, Mom, I just did it by purpose."
Lydia: "You mean, 'It was an accident'?"
Elijah: "Yeah. That's what I mean. You were confused."

Lydia: "Elijah, in what are we riding to go to town? Are we in a bobsled like Almanzo or a wagon like Pa?"
Elijah: "Ummm. We are in the Civil War, and we are driving in a chariot. Yep."

Elijah: "Haven, if you trust me tomorrow, I'll give you more prizes."

Haven: "OORRREE ANDY!!!" ("more candy!") "And?!?!" {holds out her hand with a charming look on her face}


Amy said...

you and your kids all crack me up :) thanks for the much-needed laughs today - here and in your email sign-off!

Lily said...

This made me laugh!! So cute!! Love those cuties!!