Monday, March 28, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts #162 - 199}
- Washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, hands
- Frying pans and crisp bread and breakfast
- Cat greetings under a full moon
- That my own arm did not save me, but Your right hand and Your arm, and the light of Your face, for He delighted in me - wonder! Psalm 44:3

- Long talks with Mom; Verizon to Verizon minutes
- Honesty amongst friends
- 30 years of Eric
- Different bottles to try
- Opportunities to cook and buy food for others

- A donated medical bed for the Pregnancy Center - brand new!
- Answered prayers in the form of a Nurse Manager (Maria!!!)
- Dad's immediate generosity (re: Elijah's request for a new gun)
- A little girl to learn to love & God's help to do so
- Tears

- A husband's encouragement
- Friends to hold my girl & play with my boy (Jenelle! Seth!)
- An opportunity to speed clean the house
- Daffodils - bright, yellow, & full of cheer
- Running, legs & lungs that work

- Airplanes bringing friends and joy
- Quiet hours, long morning talks with coffee (Oh! What a treat!)
- Hives arriving when I had two in-house babysitters
- Benadryl overdose while other adults were present
- Anne & Jenelle's willingness to watch my children

- Polly Jane in a yellow hat
- Access to the God who Heals
- The hope of heaven - where sin, death, & disease no longer have dominion
- Our new family practitioner who is ok with homebirth, has two adopted children, prays, and will give me steroids
- A precious girl, six months old today

- Pizza crust, the first food of all my children
- Goals and their ability to motivate and organize me
- "Finished! the victory cry"
- 86 years of PawPaw
- Love amongst family and the comfortable familiarity of Hobgood Road

- Time with James and his kindness to Elijah
- A date with Aunt Donna
- Bananagrams with Uncles & an Aunt; Yahtzee with MawMaw & PawPaw
- Thanks from visiting friends encouraging me to love more


Michelle said...

Wow, sounds like you had a couple days of adventure after we left! Hives? I'm glad Jenelle and Anne were still there!

Craig said...

I’m here from Anne’s.

And every list I go to I find a favorite – like the coconut filled one in the chocolate box – and my favorite from yours today is 0022 - The hope of heaven - where sin, death, & disease no longer have dominion (because I used to not really want heaven too much – but the thing that got me was the idea that whatever good we have here only gets better – and whatever bad we have here is gone ) {smile}

God Bless you and keep you and your family