Monday, January 7, 2013


From the Big Brother
- "Mom, can you believe that Baby Moses was this small {holding out two barely separated fingers}? He was as small as a dot, smaller than a booger in my nose."

- "Sooooo.....when's he gonna get bigger?"

- "Can I take care of him by myself?" "No, not yet. He has to get a little bit bigger." "Oh...when he has legs?" {His take-away from Froggy's Baby Sister. Clearly, I should have explained the differences between a baby tadpole and our New Baby.}

- "Mom, remember that time you were kissing and kissing Baby Moses and he pooped everywhere?  Haven, one time Momma was kissing and kissing Baby Moses and he pooped everywhere!"  {laughing}  Haven: "Well, Elijah, we won't talk about those potty words."

- "He's really cute, especially when he doesn't smell like a rotten egg." {poop reference}

From the Momma
{At 245 AM} "He's already been eating for 45 minutes, and I can't take it anymore!"

From the Biggest Sister
- "Mom, he kind of smells weird.  But...I still like him." {umbilical cord herb reference}

From the Littlest Big Sister
- {after meeting Baby Moses for the first time} {pointing} "Baby Jesus???"
- {telling my friend Maria} "Yea!  New Baby is here!  Baby Moses came OUT of Momma's bottom!"
- "Two bottles!"

From the Daddy
- "There is really a LOT of laundry."
- "Yeah.  I realized that if you go do errands, nothing gets done at the house."
- {As he finished handling another throw-up episode}"It's like one step forward, eight steps back around here."


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Michelle said...

Hahaha:) Man I can't wait to come visit!