Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do-It-Yourself (of sorts)

When we moved into our wonderful new house, we quickly noticed that an extremely important piece of equipment was missing: the dishwasher. Oh my. Eric kindly put this project near the top of his to-do list. Our friend, Steve, kindly offered to "help Eric" with this task. Poor Steve. He wound up being over here several days - for hours at a time - enduring dirty kitchens, curious little people, irritating questions and stares from me, and Eric's [un]skilled labor. Steve was a STAR! (And, if you've ever been without a dishwasher, you will totally understand!) This was Day One of the weeks-long project. It involved a lot of under the sink manly bonding time as well as ripping out a few cabinets. Awesome.
Thanks for sharing your husband, Amy!


Amy said...

:) you are so welcome--I'm really glad Steve was able to help! and I know he was glad to do it.

Amy said...

P.S. Steve said you should have posted after pictures! he said people would see this shot and say, "sure, big deal--my husband has crawled under the sink too, and we still had to call a plumber afterwards" :P