Monday, July 19, 2010

Housewarming Party!!!

Not knowing if we will ever again have the chance to have a housewarming party, I was very excited to have one here at our new place. Grammie helped clean my house, Grampa watched the children so I could run errands and organize, and lots of our friends brought food to help celebrate. We especially loved having our out-of-town friends - Hannah & the Weis Family - here with us. Thanks so much to all who came and rejoiced with us over our new home. Enjoy these little glimpses into that evening!3.5.2010


Tom Gabbard said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing the memories!

Ashley said...

So I totally missed this sad! Maybe someday there will be opportunity for the Taylors to have one in Nashville :)

The Goodman Family said...

Glad to see pics of your house!