Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Our friends George, Krista, and sweet Grace happened to be in town for the blizzard of 2010. Being from Chicago, they were comfortable in our "little" snow, but all of Nashville was amazed at the white bounty. We wrapped the kids up and headed outside to enjoy the snow. Elijah was really unsure of it at first. Eric was intent on building a snowman, but was unable to finish due to the texture of the snow (too dry, I believe). All I wanted to do was sled!Eric tried to get Elijah to taste the snow. Elijah just stared at it, contemplating whether or not to freak out because it was making his pants wet. We had so much fun on this inner tube! Eric dragged us up and down the hill, over huge bumps we didn't know were there, stopping just in time to miss the barbed wire. Because that is the safe way to play in the snow. We cut some hard paths down the hill which made us go even faster. I was having a great time and was thankful that Baby #3 was super small and well-cushioned so I could enjoy the fun. Elijah was happy to have another reader in the house. Footprints in the snow.We hauled all the kids up a ridiculously steep hill to see the cows at the broadcasting towers. Elijah and I had happened upon this little find earlier in the week. It was so strange - a steep hill, a building which looked impenetrable, a cliff, and cows - both living and dead. What kind of neighborhood had we entered? Elijah wanted to show Daddy the cows, but we arrived to only find the two dead cows left. The kids got a little too cold and cranky on our hike, but it was still fun to all be together and walk through the snow. Thanks for visiting us friends! And thank you God for fun snow in which to play!

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