Monday, September 12, 2011

Concluding the Visit

One more 4:00 dinner with Gigi. Grandma kept trying to pass the children things from her plate~:-)
The Millards. I love this picture. "Elijah, please stop trying to steal the sugar." "Sitting on the table, however, is just long as you smile." Haven, trying to explain something to us.
Then, Daddy commandeered the rolling chairs. Much excitement ensued. Even tired boys know how to have fun.
Like this! Saying Goodbye. This is so hard; I always wonder "will this be the last time?" Giving Polly Jane a kiss. The bow doesn't give the best clue as to where her face actually is~;-)
Another party with Gigi! Unlike Elijah and Haven, Polly Jane was actually happy to sit in Gigi's lap! I was so glad. A classic Grandma look. The Elizabeths:Presents!The end of a long day, and a very fun week.Jolly, on the floor, refrained by the boppy: Elijah - on a half-folded cot, stuffed into a closet, with no air circulation. Haven, in the pack 'n play, the child who definitely must be confined to sleep.I am so thankful for these pictures of my children with their great-grandparents.

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