Monday, November 28, 2011

Daily Life

{Because I want to remember how these days go...}

- 4:58 AM: wake up. Return to sleep only to dream I forgot to plan Christmas Spectacular!
- 5:43: get up
- 6:00: meet Ronda in Bldg #3 for Ripped in 30
- 6:47: get kids up; start breakfast
- Dress the children/diaper change/potty
- Send Elijah to handle the cats and chickens
- Find out the creek rose and cows can't be butchered today
- Start pinto beans in the crockpot
- Fold one load of laundry; start another
- Enter into the birthday party with the babies. ("And PINK cake, Momma!")
- Hide babies under the bed when bad guys attack the party
- Call USAA to ascertain why homeowner's rates have increased
- Clean out ashes; build up fire
- Put on Christmas cd; dance with Jolly
- Wrap and organize a few Christmas presents
- Package a book & cd to mail. Post another dvd on website
- Diaper change
- 9:10: Put Polly Jane down for her nap
- Bible time with Elijah and Haven
- Start 2nd load of laundry
- Play a Christmas carol on the piano; start another Christmas cd
- Work on cleaning my room
- Be the tickle monster
- Read a few pages of Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning: An Approach to Distinctively Christian Education (so helpful, thus far!)
- Shower
- Get Polly Jane up
- Read books on the couch
- Send Elijah out to gather eggs
- Make lunch
- Clean kitchen; kids clean playroom
- Discipline Haven for screaming; discipline Elijah for fighting/having a fit/throwing his horse at me (what?!?!)
- Change diaper/potty
- Read two wonderfully long chapters of The Long Winter while marching in place (super fun naptime read!)
- Add ingredients to cooking beans
- Make coffee
- Read Bible
- Check MoneySavingMom for any hot CyberMonday deals
- Work on Wish List & email to family
- 3:42 PM: Blog post off to get to work! I love this life!

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JRae said...

You're my hero :)