Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eric Turns 30!

We celebrated Eric's 30'th birthday with a really fun weekend. Some good friends came over Friday night for dinner. Saturday we visited Rock Castle, a place I had been wanting to take Eric. Haven made sure we brought her cup with us.
Elijah pretended to rest in a patch of incredibly dense clover. {Do I look sleep-deprived, or what?} Haven played among the old tombs. (Inappropriate? Yes.) Polly Jane took a nap.We ran. We climbed. We peeked into windows. We threw rocks into the water. We looked at an old fort. We imagined how people had lived in that home. We looked around the (excellent) gift shop.There was even a tiny little hike through the floodplain there. Here, Eric initiates Elijah's current tree-climbing passion.Sweet boys! Sunday night we celebrated with Eric's family.Luke was super pumped.
Happy Birthday wonderful husband! I'm so thankful I get to be a part of your years!
3.12.2011 & 3.13.2011

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Eric is in our family that I am crying tears of joy right now. Mombo