Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All In A Day's Play

We have a very busy schedule here on the homefront; Elijah really has a lot he likes to get done each day. Reading books ("Books! Books! Books!") is, for instance, always a high priority. The couch is the preferred location for reading these days. Hiding behind cushions to read seems to add to the joy.

Elijah has a strong need to be outside. "Play! Play! Owside? Owssssiiiiddddeee!!!" We often venture to Cedar Hill Park.
This was the first time Elijah went down a slide all by himself (1.23.09). After completing the obstacle once, he was hooked. Thus, we played on the slide for quite some time.
Climbing practice was also in order.

Our very favorite part about Cedar Hill Park are the ducks. "Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!" They are good for watching and for chasing.
He was having such a good time!

And then he spotted the duck poop. "Poo-poo." As poo-poo is a recently introduced phenomenon and as it is everywhere around the duck pond, we talked about it a lot. "That is duck poo-poo. No, don't touch it. Yuck! Ducks go poo-poo on the ground. Where do you go poo-poo? That's right. You go poo-poo in the potty!!! Yep, there is more duck poo-poo. No, don't touch it....."
We have tried the big kid swings a few times. These episodes have always ended in a traumatic fall. Yet we continue trying...
We chase the ducks around the pond, into the water, over the bridge, and even into the woods. I figure the ducks probably need the exercise, what with few natural predators at the park.

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Maybe soon you will have your own playground.