Monday, March 2, 2009

Grav Gets Hitched!

Larissa & I happily drove down to Valdosta, Georgia to partake in Michelle & Hank's wedding weekend festivities. After picking up Jenelle in Atlanta (several hours after her plane landed) and surviving various other travel-delaying setbacks, we finally arrived and got to see the bride-to-be. Post-bachelorette party we gathered around an outdoor fire. Here I am trying to squeeze myself into a non-maternity coat. (what?)
It was so fun to be with my college friends, especially since I missed Merilee & Faris' wedding a few weeks prior to this. We missed having Anne with us~:-(

My road-trip friend:
At the rehearsal dinner, where we all introduced ourselves as "one of the Belhaven friends":
Working on flowers during all hours of the night and early morning:
Annie did a great job teaching and instructing us. Among other things, I learned that tulips REALLY perk up after you unwrap them.
Prepping the bride the morning of the wedding:
Lauren arrives!
My friends - I love you guys!
It was a special treat to see Sara P!

(Really, Jenelle, this was the best one.)
My pregnant friend:

Hooray for weddings! God bless you Michelle & Hank!

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The Gundy Bunch said...

aww! such fun memories! these pics are great!!