Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We celebrated Baby Luke's impending arrival with lots of presents and lots of food. (Can you tell Grammie is REALLY excited about Baby Luke?) Pregnant Sisters:
Laura with her mother-in-law, Pat:
We played this game, "Guess the Baby Food," which ranks high on my list of most disgusting games. Nonetheless, it was a fun shower.
Eric, Elijah, and I met later for Matthew's TWO YEAR OLD birthday party. (How can my child have two year old friends already??) I don't recall any fights or serious problems the whole afternoon, but I'll credit Matthew's excellent example with that feat.
Matthew's new toy was a super big hit....
...over and over...
...and over again!
Charlotte made a yummy Curious George cake of which we all partook. (Note: Elijah can drink by himself; we just often find it easier to assist.)
Matthew had a good time opening presents. As soon as he would open one, Charlotte would hide it and give him another to open. It was funny because he just kept wanting to play with his toys. It is nice that he has yet to be greedy with his gifts.
Elijah really wanted to help - open presents and blow out the candles.
Elijah stalking the birthday boy:

Hooray for celebrations of all sorts!

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McKinley Family said...

Hahahahah. I love my little stalking nephew.