Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Toys

Christmas brought with it many new, fun toys for Elijah. Pictured below are his easel and his new tent. We have used markers and chalk on the easel so far, but I have refrained from diving into painting...mostly because I am waiting to find some non-toxic paint on clearance~:-)
The new tent has a TUNNEL! This tent can only come out on special occasions because it takes up the whole house. It also creates lots of excitement. During its first few days of use Elijah discovered it was a nice spot to relax, read, and poop. (Don't worry - he was still wearing diapers then!)

The tent's tunnel has helped Elijah get over being scared of going down tunnel slides. After the crazy, crazy tunnel slide at the zoo we had some work to do. Tunnels are now exciting again.

Thank you Aunt Heather & Uncle John and Aunt Laura & Uncle Matt for our fun gifts!


McKinley Family said...

My favorite picture is where Elijah is at his easel. What a cute little bottom.

Also, I will try harder next year to buy Elijah age appropriate presents...

-aunt ab

lydia said...

Wait until you see his bottom in his big boy pants. It is so cute!

Your gifts were perfect...we are just saving some of them for a few years down the road...

Anonymous said...

Like Grandma, like grandson at the easel. Post one of his masterpieces please.