Friday, October 16, 2009

Being Babysat

Every Tuesday Grammie and Grampa faithfully come to our house to watch the children while I volunteer at Grace Pregnancy Resource Center. It is such a blessing to me, and I think we all have a great time~:-) Here are some pictures from one such Tuesday. A favorite pastime, pushing any object around the porch while running and yelling: "I ride the rocket Momma!" Checking out our organic produce:
Grampa usually gets to feed Haven her bottle. I had to put this picture in because of her great latch...knowing that "latch" doesn't necessarily apply to a bottle...but, seriously, check out her perfect mouth position! Waving to the garbage truck (a thrill a minute here, guys!):


Rebecca Nugent said...

lol....I can't believe he's waving to the garbage truck...awesome!

Grammie said...

Such fun times for us! It doesn't take much to make Elijah and Haven happy; just a lot of love!!