Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Honeymoon #5

In keeping with our annual tradition, Eric planned a fabulous anniversary trip for us. This year we went to Blue Ridge, Georgia. When we arrived at our cabin, this little guy was there to greet us.I wanted to cry because I missed Elijah. He would have been so happy to see a new moose. Thankfully, my sadness over leaving the chillins (especially Haven!!!), was short-lived. Unlike last year, I wasn't on the verge of vomiting during this honeymoon. This, plus all the alone time I had with my husband (I'd almost forgotten what that was!), made for an absolutely wonderful getaway!
Day One: Hiking over and around a swinging bridge. Happening upon Skeenah Creek Mill.
Day Two:
Eating at Repaz on Main. It was here I had the best food of the trip, a black & blue salad. Oh my.Pickin' in the Park.Lots of conversation.
Lots of pumping (which went off without a hitch this time around).Daredevil antics over a creek.Day Three:
Tubing down the Toccoa River. Oh, so fun! We went on every little spur leading into the river that we could find. We wouldn't see them until we had passed them, so we had to paddle up river to get back there. For me, this involved a lot of paddling as hard as I could just to stay put, thinking I wouldn't make it, then getting a burst of super-power and making it. So fun.Day Four:
Hiking an eight mile, super steep, trail in the Cohutta Wilderness. Going down was the hard part. All I could think of were my mother's poor knees. The view from the end of the trail was absolutely amazing. There was no way we could capture that awesomeness on a camera.
I climbed up here all by myself while Eric went off-trail, strictly downhill exploring. My knees, you know.Day Five:
Housechurch with a local body of believers.
Packing up and adding our recommendations to the guest book. Sweet Husband,
I love you!
~ (Sweet) Wife


Anonymous said...

How does Eric find these amazing places?

lydia said...

I think it is one of his spiritual gifts -- loving his wife, that is~:-)

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