Monday, October 26, 2009

Wilson County Fair

Grammie & Grampa took the whole family to the fair this year. Elijah was so excited to see the donkeys, goats, chickens (even one hatching!), other fowl, flying pigs, and more donkeys. The fair was also fun~:-) Grampa dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Grammie & Elijah watched this ridiculous children's comedian. Elijah was NOT impressed.
Haven loved it! "Lights! Lights! Lights!!!"
As you can see, Luke is clearly living up to his title of "big cousin" these days.
Three generations:

This wasn't even a ride but it was really fun for Elijah!
This ride was not so much fun for Elijah. Eric's thoughts: "Please help me not to throw up. Please help Elijah not to freak out. I really hope I don't throw up!"
An up-close look at the famous racing pigs.
The absolute highlight of the fair was this petting zoo near the back. At first we couldn't find it and Elijah started crying. Thankfully, some bystander heard his sad little cry and pointed us in the right direction. Elijah LOVED this. He loved it SO MUCH that I bought him a second bag of carrots ($1) without hesitation. That is the kind of generosity I show to my kids.
In the petting zoo we saw a kangaroo, camels, more goats!, llamas, porcupines, and a host of other animals. We'll be visiting this place first and frequently at any subsequent fair visits.
Despite Eric's ridiculous drive time to the fair and Grampa turning in early, we had a great time. Thanks for a fun night out Grammie & Grampa!

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