Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Elijah is really working on loving his sweet sister. She loves him back an incredible amount! Her face totally lights up (almost) every time she sees him. Elijah started helping Mr. Moose take naps all around the house. He likes to put a blanket down, turn off the light, and make "Old" cozy.
Sometimes Mr. Moose gets to sleep in Haven's crib, which is a real treat.
I should probably take this as a sign that Haven has outgrown the bouncy seat, but I haven't.

For a brief interlude from our own family's darling photos {wink, wink}, look at this awesome picture of Laura, Baby Luke, and Matt.To see more of this great photography visit Kelli Trontell's blog and see more of Luke's fabulous pictures here. We love this family!

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The Goodman Family said...

that bouncy seat picture reminds me of a certain swing picture.