Friday, November 9, 2012

Bobbie's Dairy Dip

My favorite hamburger in Nashville - a blue cheese burger - is made at Bobbie's Dairy Dip.  Mom treated us there, because she likes it *almost* as much as I do and because she is awesome.  We also ate fries (yum!) and milkshakes.  I likely got a James Brown.  Chai & coffee & ice cream?  Yes, yes!

If you decide to visit, be forewarned that Bobbie's is in the ghetto, you'll be sitting on picnic tables, there are no bathroom facilities, and you have to stay outside.  But, the burger!  Totally worth it!

Look how happy these children are! And they only got the swirly ice cream with fake sprinkles! 6.21.2012


Anonymous said...

WOW, this place looks AWESOME!!! We may have to go there sometime. :)


Michelle said...

Yum!! :)