Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nature Cruise

I purchased a Groupon for a kid-friendly cruise and we met up with several friends for a morning adventure.  This turned out to be so much more fun than I had anticipated!  The captain of our little boat kept whipping out new toys for the children.  He even provided drinks and snacks! 
Magnetic bracelets, water guns, balloon swords, all kinds of water toys....
Polly Jane was mostly enamored with Baby Vivian.  "Baby!  Baby!  Baby!"
We saw some homemade fishing traps set out along the river. One had actually caught a large fish. Some grandmother onboard hoisted it out of the water so all the children could get a good look.
Check out Blue Heron Cruises if you live in Middle Tennessee.  It is a non-stressful, absolutely no-prep-required, fun outing for the children.

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