Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Swim Lessons

We have loved our time with Ms. Beverly at Sea Star Swim School!  This summer Elijah earned his "I Can Swim in the Deep End" certificate and he was promoted to the next class.  He started swimming a whole lap which was very exciting!
Polly Jane, our water baby, was SO SAD that she didn't get to swim.  She does enjoy yelling out each and every window as we take the big kids to their lessons.
Haven had some struggles keeping her goggles on.  As in, she ripped them off her face every time she surfaced.  Thankfully, Ms. Beverly is extremely patient.
She learned to do all the proper movements this year.  She sinks to the bottom, but swims like a fish.  Unfortunately, she rarely surfaces to breathe.  It is extremely strange because her lack of oxygen doesn't even bother her.  She comes up laughing!
The slide is always a treat.
Bubble parties are a tradition at the end of class...at least for my children.
We ran to Kroger after getting everyone showered and dressed and I didn't resist the $1/scoop banner.  Polly Jane was SO EXCITED to get her very own cup.  Haven, clearly, is also excited for her treat.

I'm looking forward to getting the children (and Jolly!) back into swim lessons.

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