Friday, November 9, 2012

Robbery Recovery

We had planned to go to Cheekwood on Saturday. A sweet friend had given me two passes to this wonderful place as a birthday gift. Elijah kept talking about "Cheekweed" and how it was going to be beautiful.

Then robbers kicked open our door and flung apart our home.

Eric insisted that we still keep our family date, even though it was just one day after the robbery. Perhaps my wise husband knew that I needed to be away from this wreck and only be surrounded by real, living, unstolen treasures.  We went and I took lots of pictures.  I may not have those first 5 1/2 years in photos, but perhaps I'll be able to retain little glimpses from the many days to come.  (You'll forgive the numerous photos, yes?  It was just such a good day!)

A {rare} father-daughter moment:
Sibling love~;-o:
A picnic to start things off.

Treehouses, treehouses, treehouses!

This is the sweetest girl I have ever seen!
She loves to point and show you her amazing find!

Dancing in the fish.

There was a rope swing in the middle of this ball of yarn!
"Scaring" us from one of many hiding spots.  This game never gets old!

"Show me the rabbit!"

Lesson: Listen to husband when he recommends fun plans.



Amy said...

good grief, I have been to Cheekwood twice now and not seen half of that stuff! we will have to explore more carefully next time :)

Michelle said...