Friday, July 18, 2008


Daddy: Shhhh. Let's hide from Momma. She won't see us. Door closes.
Momma: Where is the baby? Knocks on closet door. Where is Elijah?
Daddy: Opens door. Here I am!
All: Loud, excited screaming.

How much fun have you had in a closet lately? Here at our home, we are making GREAT use of our closet space (in many ways, actually). Elijah has discovered the joys of "hiding" in the closet. Actually, he is "hiding" everywhere. He frequently crawls under the kitchen table, into a closet, or behind a rocking chair to hide. You are able to easily find him, however, because:
1. He is always visible, and,
2. He is laughing hysterically the entire time.
He thinks it is especially funny to hide in select spots when someone is chasing him. I laugh because he always pins himself in a corner.

Growing up in a two-story house presented many opportunities for fun. As we would frequently ascend the stairs at the same time, my brother would try to hit us in the butt on the way up. Abigail and I soon picked up on the glee of hitting the unsuspecting bottom. It didn't hurt and it wasn't scary, but I would get so frantic just thinking that someone was going to get me, that I learned to sprint up the stairs, often with no small amount of squealing. To this day it is difficult for me to go up the stairs in front of someone, lest they grab my butt.

Elijah doesn't quite become paralyzed when he hears "I'm gonna get you!", but he does immediately start laughing and looking behind him. Or he just falls on the floor squealing. He is definitely my child.

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