Friday, July 25, 2008

HamFam 2008 - Day Two

We all fought over who could watch Reagan (at least, I thought it was a competition). She is the MOST content child I have EVER met. Really. She is happy to be propped up somewhere surrounded by toys. What a great little girl. And her laugh is hilarious.
Eric was very happy to find Nerts friends. We played and played and played. We also discovered that some people (Michael & Ab; Becca & Aunt Lisa; Lydia & Eric) don't make the best partners, but play well with others. Why is that? Joe and I, however, pretty much blew everyone else out of the water. We're just cool like that.
The second cousins bonded over sippy cups, squealing, and many toys. Uncle Tom's side of the family kept commenting on how much Elijah ate. ("Wow! That boy really can eat!") My family said things like, "Reagan! You are such a good baby!" Elijah can't help it if he has a hearty appetite and a loud personality, OK guys?

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