Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Spend-the-Night!

This is so fun! Come on friend!Hesitant at first, Matthew soon proves to be macho man in the water.
"If you have a pool, friends will come." OR "This is how we meet our new neighbors." [Aside: Our new neighbors are super wonderful! They have a little girl exactly Elijah's age. I consider this family a great blessing!]
Bath time is fun! (Who took this picture?)
We encourage Matthew to climb on all the furniture.
Matthew teaches Elijah how to use a fork. Elijah uses a fork independently for the first time. It is good to have smart friends.

These boys know how to eat...and eat...and eat!!! I text Charlotte, letting her know that her son has a tapeworm.

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Anonymous said...

Elijah has to come stay with us soon!! I am not sure that our house is as much fun, but we will try!!! THANK YOU for having Matthew over!! He had a BLAST!!!

They are just tooooo cute!!! Even if they are ours!! :)