Tuesday, July 15, 2008

International Puppet Festival

Although we did not actually get to SEE a puppet show (tickets, although free, sell out early!), the puppet festival was really fun.
Elijah was able to stare at lots of other children,
explore a huge new place,
help Daddy make a puppet,
watch a personlized puppet show,
pull books off shelves (thankfully, I know how to reshelve books - thanks to being a former RCPL volunteer....holla!),
walk, walk, walk,
ride a plastic whale,
watch a man do funny tricks,
hear live music,
see his first display of clogging,
and watch a fine display of banner waving.

There was a lot going on.

Our apologies to the sweet little girl who kept being pinched in the arm by my son:
(eek...anyone want to have us over to play?)


Jgmckinley said...

holla back! (from one rcpl volunteer to another) I have the plastic coin necklace to prove my service... what do you have? -aunt ab

lydia said...

A coffee mug, a fine gold pen, and a little neck brooch are mementos of my finer days at RCPL.

Thanks for the holla back~:-)