Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Children's Room

Elijah has started being (a tiny bit) more adventurous in his climbing attempts.He's trying so hard~:-)Besides climbing, we also do lots and lots and LOTS of laundry folding in this room.Then we stash the folded laundry in the basket, to be put away at a later time, and indoctrinate Haven with our favorite fun activity - reading books!I am thankful for this room.


Grammie said...

Climbing is always one of the things a boy likes to do, and Elijah is doing so well. Haven looks so cute in the middle of all the laundry!

Anonymous said...

GO Elijah!!!!! Haven is so adorable!!!!


lydia said...

Charlotte, I know that Matthew would have mastered this months and months ago, but we're just thankful our kid is showing any interest in climbing~:-) We'll need Matthew to come over again and give lessons...if he promises not to bite, that is~;-)