Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daddy's Home!

We took advantage of one fun Saturday with Daddy to try out a new bakery. I kept hearing great things about Sweet 16th so we ventured into East Nashville to check it out. Although not as wonderful a find as The Cupcake Collection, it was cute and fun plus had good food. We ate outside so as not to disturb the dinkwads frequenting the establishment. I would not describe this as a kid-friendly establishment. The male owner of the store, however, was really nice to us. Just make sure your kid does not get a toe in the flower bed during your visit~:-) Elijah's favorite part of the trip was running up the handicapped ramp and down the stairs over and over and over again. (Do you see why we chose to eat outside?)Daddy accomplished bathtime that night with one very happy and clean girl in tow!
Leave a comment if you know a dinkwad or if you are a dinkwad.


Abigail said...

I think I might be a dinkwad ;)
but I'm a dinkwad that doesn't mind kids.

Laura said...

There must have been some "highly intelligent" college kids there. That's what I think of as a dinkwad (definitely not Ab) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Elijah, Mombo has a long ramp just for you. Fun, fun, fun!

Rebecca Nugent said...

Dual Income No Kids (With a Dog).

(love that term!)

lydia said...

Abigail - you made me laugh! I'm glad you don't mind kids; somehow that takes the bite from the term. And I don't think of you as a dinkwad at all...but maybe that's because we're already friends~;-)