Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train came to town and we got to go see him thanks to some courtesy tickets from Eric's work. Since Elijah has never seen Thomas the Train, we checked out some books and videos from the library a few weeks prior to the show. Elijah wouldn't watch the videos, but he did like the books. Eric and I, however, found the books annoyingly moralistic and otherwise irritating. But we read them...and read them...and read them so Elijah would have fun at the show. (See the ways we sacrifice for our children?) I have never been so glad to make library returns.
Elijah's friend Abiel and his Momma accompanied our merry troop to the show. Abiel requested a snack immediately upon getting in his seat.
Haven enjoyed looking around until she became overstimulated by all the lights.
Aren't these boys just darling?
The show was really fun. Whenever I see people sing and dance, I think "I want to do that!" Thankfully, the audience was allowed to participate in some of the dance moves (or song motions, if you prefer). Standing up with Haven allowed me to get jiggy with it even more than the typical Thomas the Train fan. Even Eric was caught up in the magic. Here he is performing the move "Chugga Chugga Chugga CHOO CHOO."

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The Gundy Bunch said...

LOL! I love y'all!!! I can just see you "gettin' jiggy with it!" :)