Thursday, September 17, 2009


Congratulations to Rebecca for correctly defining DINKWAD.


Rebecca, I learned this term after you moved because it ever so appropriately defined our new neighbors. You know, the ones who let their dog poop ALL OVER both the front AND back yard so Elijah had nowhere to play. Yep, those neighbors. All I can say is, well, it made me miss having Thomas downstairs~:-)

If you are a DINKWAD, we can totally still be friends....just save a corner of the yard for the children. Please.


Anonymous said...

Jackson is reserving 90% of our yard for your kids. But seriously, you talk about wanting to live on a farm and aren't even cool with the poop thing...

lydia said...

That is really nice of Jackson.

I think I would be cooler with cow paddies (sp?) than with dog poo. I mean at least the cows would only poop in my pasture (full of rolling hills), not underneath my swingset.

Jake, of course, only ever pooped in the woods. Perhaps you can only expect such stellar performance from a redbone hound dog...