Friday, September 4, 2009

One Sunday

Church can be really eye opening for the whole family, even the youngest among us~;-)I love this dear little outfit with the bonnet and long pantaloons. (Thanks Bubba!)
The sermons can get really long, so often a nap must be taken.
Ooops, Grammie got a little too comfortable during the sermon! Just kidding, this is after a hard day's work at church. I was so happy to have someone get Haven back to sleep.
Later we attended Luke's baby dedication. I really like dedications; to me it seems like baptism: publicly declaring your intent to walk in the ways of the Lord. We will be praying for you to run well and parent well, Laura and Matt!
Elijah had a great time climbing on the pews.
The whole family was together, and Uncle David even joined us for this special event.
We celebrated by going to the DQ. Laura gave us some fabulous coupons and our family ate for under $5!
Then we went home and fell into bed!


Laura said...

I love how we are on the same "late" timeline of posting our blogs :)

lydia said...

Well, you'll notice that you are still ahead of me~:-)

Grammie said...

Precious Memories of our Precious Family. To God be the glory!