Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bonfire at the Edwardses'

**Grammar Update: After looking in two grammar books and much discussion, Laura Jackson and I have done our best to educate ourselves on the use of the apostrophe.
Sandra's House - make a singular noun possesive - add 's
Sandra Edwards's House - make a singular noun ending in s possessive - add 's
Sandra & Walter Edwardses' House - make a plural noun ending in s possessive - add es'
Further: The Graveses' children are super adorable. {My "es'" addition lets you, the reader, know that this sentence refers to two Graves - in this case, Eric & Lydia.) Corrections or comments will be MOST welcome!**

The annual bonfire at Sandra & Walter's is one of my favorite Fall activities. This sweet girl's Momma neglected to dress her appropriately though. Thankfully, someone volunteered their own child's hat.Don't you just want to kiss this face?*Could someone please correct my apostrophe use in the title, if needed?

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Anonymous said...

I believe you still use an apostrophe then "s" if the name ends in an "s" when used in the singular. So if the name was W & S Edward, then it would be "the Edwards'" (make it plural then make possessive), but since it is W & S Edwards, I think it should be "the Edwards's" (already plural then make possessive). Or would you make Edwards plural as Edwardses then add the apostrophe? English is too confusing..... :-)

Laura J (aka English nerd)