Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Party Like a Pumpkin

Luke invited us to this fabulous party! Haven the ladybug, Luke the pumpkin, and Elijah the bear - all SO CUTE!
*I've included this picture as proof that my dog stories are true.* Grammie & Angel - matching bumblebee outfits: Laura's laugh makes this picture great. Sorry about your poor gaming skills, Matt. *Another proof* I'm not sure if Grampa was trying to mimic Haven's face here, but he did a great job. One of Luke's rare aggressive moments: Luke's other grandparents - do you see Luke's big smile? Matt is a knight and Laura is dressed as...Jasie. Jasie is dressed as a pumpkin...like Luke. It's the circle of life...
Does anyone remember this dress? Anyone? Anyone from 8th grade?Laura and Matt had all these fun games for us to play - even Elijah was able to participate. Thanks for inviting us guys; it was super fun!

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